Why Do Companies Give Corporate Gifts For Clients?

Sending corporate gifts are always a sensible thing to do. However, when gifting your clients something, it is always better to ask their preferences first. One more reason to gift your clients is because corporate gifting is on the rise. When sending a gift to your clients, you don’t have to think big and expensive; it is the thought that counts.

For example; you can opt for subscription gift, gift hampers, chocolates, pen or even wine. What, and how you gift your clients tell a lot about your professionalism. Therefore, sending the right type of gift is very important. And as mentioned earlier, you need to ask for their preferences as well.

For more situations where companies send corporate gifts, keep reading!

1. To welcome a new team member

When a new member arrives on the team, most companies welcome them by sending them corporate gifting so that they feel welcomed. If you want to set a positive impact on them, then remind them that you are happy to have them on board. And you can’t find any other way than to gift them a little something.

2. When someone sends a referral for business

Referrals are important when looking for new clients. Let’s say you start a new business, and you need to get the word around. There’s this person who knows everything about you and your business and he spreads the word about. In other words, he’s your referral and appreciating their effort is really important. So, send them a thank you card so that they know you care for their hard work.

3. When a new client hires you

Setting up a new business is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of hard work and effort from your end. So, once you find a new client, you need them to stay and for that, you need to show them that you are happy to have them as your client. Go an extra mile and send them some flowers or a personalised gift to let them know that they are welcomed.

4. When a new project ends

Have you ever experienced the feeling of euphoria when you accomplish a new project? After all the hard work you and your team have put in, your clients and partners deserve a treat. How about a small cake, for all, or maybe a pen?

5. When you want to catch up with an old client

The lives that we all lead today is a fast-paced one, where getting in touch with your old colleagues and clients can become difficult. How about sending them a brief note to let them know that you appreciate working with them and are looking forward for future deals as well. Send them a bag of chocolates, or anything else that they will like.

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